Power Electronics, Motor/Generator Design Consulting

Reasonable rates, guaranteed deliverables.

Power Electronics design, motor/generator design, motor drives, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable tech.  Reasonable rates, timely deliverables.

  • Complete inverter design; high frequency power electronics design, prototyping, testing.
  • Modeling and control of power electronics (SPICE, MATLAB/SIMULINK, analytical, first-principles).
  • Embedded control using FPGA (Intel/Altera).
  • Motor drives, switching power converters, wide band-gap semiconductors, energy efficient designs.
  • Permanent Magnet motor / generator design, including for wind turbines and electric vehicles.
  • Field oriented control of motors, including transverse flux types.
  • Analytical modeling of motors / generators.
  • 3-D Electromagnetic Flux simulations (FEA, JMAG).
  • Testing and characterization of magnetic materials (B/H curve, loss).
  • High frequency power magnetics design, prototyping.
  • Analog electronics design, transistors, opamps.
  • Li-ion battery charging, cell balancing.
  • EMI / EMC compliance design.
  • IEEE 1547 / UL 1741 compliance guidance and testing.
  • In-house lab facility using owned / rented equipment.

Photo of circuit     Photo of another circuit

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